Sexual Politics: Discussion, Art Show & Silent Auction

Talk about WOW factor. This was a fundraising event for Amy Vilela who is running for Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District. The event was held at Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum. I bet you are dying to hear more…

I walked in and instantaneously felt the open atmosphere. I was welcomed by a shining smile from Shannon, who is the director of fundraising. First things first, I needed to pee.

In the bathroom I ran into The Lady Jessica whose Art was featured. Notice, I capitalized the word art because of the beauty that radiated from her work! Intimacy, connection and tantric love oozed within each brush stroke. The conversation with Jessica was conscious. I loved every second. There was no small talk. We immediately dove into the depths of emotional trauma and what measures could be taken to prevent such issues.

We left the bathroom to walk into a warm conversation regarding sexual politics and sexual positivity. You know me…I chimed in with my regard to thoughts and how we can choose which to identify with. A magnificent conversation it was. Following that, we broke into small groups and the confidence grew as each individual felt comfortable to share their thoughts. I had the opportunity to share intimate thoughts with Michael Weiss who is running for Nevada’s Third Congressional District. He is an amazing individual supporting the people. Having a conversation with him was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

We finished our discussion by listening to Amy share her story and what she is fighting for. Did you know: Amy is not accepting money from any large corporations?! She refuses to be swayed by a third party. What a beautiful soul she is. Her gold radiated from within as she shared the deepest obstacles in her life, “no testimony comes without a test,” she says.

*I did not film any of the talk. I wanted to stay present and respect the crowd. I know vibes can get thrown off when a camera is around. I did manage to get a few clips of The Lady Jessica’s art, as shown above. The remarkable flute melody is played for you by Tygel Pinto. Thank you for the invitation, Jake.*

The night was wrapped up with love, deeper understanding and new friends. I would have never imagined myself at a political fundraiser. The thought of adding my energy to what I don’t feel I can change, well, it seemed wasted. That thought hit the grounded running after attending this event!

I am ready to see the real people hiding behind the political masks. We need more open, conscious, healing conversations in our lives. How can we make more?! I suggested we gather in small groups and begin with intimate, nurturing touch that has no sexual intention. Yay or nay & why?

xoxox, your conscious news reporter

Tantric Love: Step 1

Created by The Lady Jessica and found on

Let me sit on your lap and do the work…

I am not going to pivot back and forth on your penis. Nooo babe. I would rather sit still and consciously share energy with each other. You know, balancing the chakras type of love.

How about we make it the type of love where we travel to imaginary lands in our minds together. Let’s get so high from Tantric Love that we discover the new age Narnia. But wait…that is Step 2.

Step 1 involves slow, intimate foreplay, synchronized breath and open eyes. Yikes. I am getting butterflies writing this. Considering this type of connection with another being makes me nervous. I am accustomed to attracting men who know nothing of this love (because I do not either).

Time for a shift. I want to sit on your lap and discover all the crevices in your eyes. I want to let my vagina intuitively contract and relax with the flow of energy. I neeeeeddd this.

I will no longer settle for less.

xoxox, new age love making
PS: You can find the lovely artwork from The Lady Jessica, HERE

Twin Flames: What Are They

Once a wise man in the Psychic Eye shop told one of my ‘twins’ we have more than one twin…

We were baffled! How could it be!? A twin flame is who we are meant to marry and have a family with!

Ha. Haha. We had been drinking the kool-aid.

Twin flames are soul mates. We have many, as we are connected to many people in the world and in other realms.

Sense8, the Netflix Original, is my number one reference leading me to understand this Truth.

It is sort of funny when I get hung up in devastating regret for not ‘being’ in a relationship with one of my twins. I come up with all these ideas to mentally hurt myself. Yes, I am addicted to pain.

It is a weird feeling when I broke free from the pain causers and had no one to fuel my fire…

I began looking for pieces of friends to be annoyed with. Shit, I even get mad at inanimate objects!!

I am working through it and this is a side tangent anyhow.

Twins, yes we are have them and we all have many. I truly believe a Twin is an energy we can easily connect to. I believe the power comes when we are consciously aware of who we are connecting to.

Warning: do not take my word as a reliable source. Take what fits and move on.

To be honest, my Truths change with passing moments, because, I connect to my Twins and hear their Truths. They are all relevant to me.

Weird how this all works.

xoxox, hey fam, your favorite voice is here
PS. The featured photo is painted by Shelby Pollock @ttwentytwooo

I Can’t Leave Vegas

Because of all of you who think about me on a daily basis. You pull me here; hundreds of magnets. When I try to leave, I end up right back.

One night, I climbed to the top of a mountain. I feel on my knees and cried. I asked, “what is keeping me here? Why can I not leave Las Vegas?”

I walked down the mountain, back to my apartment room where I checked my phone to see a few missed calls from my youngest sister. She was hurting and lost. She asked to come over and talk.

I received the message. I am here for her. I am here for all of my sisters. I am here for all of my family that came to Vegas and never made it out. I am here for the coming generations. I am here because of the friends I have made. I am here because of the lives I have touched. I am here.

I was at First Friday talking to a talented woman who has her doubts about who I am. I feel a profound connection to her. My heart throbs when she judges my actions without asking my intentions and she knows that. She is reminded every time she gets the chance to talk to me in person. She said, “I was happy to hear you came back. We are growing and this is a good place for you to be.”

I am here because of her and many others who did not like the ideal of me living in another city.

(Now I know I can’t tell y’all my travel plans… ahahahaha)

xoxox, Vegas Made and #vegasstrong

Realizing and Balancing the Feminine and Masculine

For the past year I have asked what it is that makes me run from women and gravitate toward one-track-minded men. I read The Celestine Prophecy and that question was answered…

It all dates back to my childhood. As a young girl, I was attracted to my father’s energy to fulfill what I did not know how to tap into. He left my family when I was four and I was forced to step into that energy to give my young sisters what they also needed. My mother did not like that… in her defense, she has no conscious understanding of how energy exchanges work. Nor does she know we all have the ability to tap into Source Energy, which is feminine and masculine.

I spent most of my adolescent hiding from my mother because she drained me of energy. I can finally grasp the concept of a Phoenix rising from its ashes or a cat having Nine lives.

Long story, short-ish… I still have open, deep wounds that resulted from the energy exchanges with my mother. Which is why I find it so easy to run away from feminine energy. Sometimes I feel it is impossible for me to show other women unconditional love. Honestly, I am not sure that I know what it feels like to be in feminine energy…

On top of that, because I was longing for my father to teach me what masculine energy felt like and he left… I began looking for males to complete my circle.

As I am growing in this Twin Flame Ascension journey, I have lost the idea of needing a man to complete me and I have stepping into Divine Masculine Energy. It feels more comfortable for me. I believe this is why men are easily attracted to me, because I reflect what they already have. I also believe this is why women retract from me; I reflect what they feel around men in a woman’s body…

xoxox, completing my circle

I Write Because No One Ever Listened

I write because I was told to sit down, stay still and shut up.
I write because I never learned how to have a conversation.
I write because I would steam with rage when I could not get my point across.
I write because my opinion never mattered.
I write because I was always told I was wrong.
I write because no one cared.
I write because I was lost and words found me.
I write because my heart was broken.
I write because I contemplated suicide with a loaded gun in my hand.
I write because I am a habitual thinker.
I write because I am scared to say my thoughts out loud.
I write because I am a day dreamer.
I write because I feel everything around me.
I write because I hear the thoughts of anyone thinking about me.
I write because I can hear Truth.
I write because I can release all these built up emotions.
I write because I was guided to the pen and paper.
I write because I am becoming a master communicator.
I write because I know words are open to interpretation.
I write because my life depends on it.
I write because you judge me.
I write because you love me.
I write because it fuels my drive.
I write because I understand the power of language.
I write because I create my world.
I write because you read it.
I write because the paper listens…

xoxox, what are words anyway?

Holy Trauma

Good morning Bri…here is a dose of WHAT THE FUCK. Now, eat your mistakes and swallow your indecision.

Here is an outline of my imperfections:

I am impulsive and forget to ask important questions. I leave too much up to chance. A friend in Los Angeles called. She asked me if I wanted to live in LA and be the photographer for her company. My initial gut reaction was empty. Meaning, yes I can be her photographer but I have been writing lately and I am excited about it. I don’t want to leave my writing behind. I had plans in my hometown, Las Vegas. I was enjoying the shipment position I had at Skechers; had…

I laid in bed for 24 hours before deciding I would take her up on her offer. I told my roommate. I told my coworkers. I told my friends whom I had ongoing projects with. I told them all before I asked any important questions like: Where is the company located? Where will I be sleeping? Where will I be showering? Will there be food for me? How much will I be paid?

In my defense, the Universe has given me a lot. I am not the type to worry about the basics because they are abundant. But, in this situation, I was caught off guard. In fact, that morning I was thinking how happy I was with my life and where I was taking it. As soon as I was faced with what I believed to be an opportunity, I crumbled. “This is a gift and it could be great.” Uncertainty.

My gut did not want to go. I could have listened and told her no. Instead I forced the idea upon my mind and became lost in time. I told everyone. I planned a “going away” party. I am writing this the day of the party where I have to put on the face that says I am in control of my life; when that is the furthest from the truth.

This morning I woke wanting to run away. Go live in the mountains to become a Light Worker. I tell myself that is of a higher purpose than what I am currently doing. What challenge is in that? I wouldn’t have to take responsibility for any of the issues I am facing…

xoxox, Pray To God My Soul To Keep

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