Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

The million dollar question. Duel-ality; in my head. Is it MY head? Could it be that it is nothing at all? Let me be transparent…

To stay would be to continue in the loop (mind set) I am currently in. “You can change any time you want to,” blah blah blah. Yes, I hear you. Yes, I understand. Now hear me: I am honest and have matured enough to know I am meant for much more than I am currently allowing.

I have the solution before explaining the problem.

Hello, metaphor to life. Think about it; the math professor has the answer to the problem before it is presented to you. In fact, all professors have the answers before they present the questions.

“Well Brianna, science is the act of experiments through questions.”

Right. KNOWING that an answer WILL present itself. The science experiment has a question AND a hypothesis.

Could there be an experiment without words? I will go and find out…



xoxox, wanderlust

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