You ARE Right

Explain to me why we use the Ego against ourselves?? Ever stop to think, “hm, Ego has some dank ideas and is an amazing partner.”

You are right, every time, until proven wrong, and even then, were you really wrong? Or could it have been you took a longer road to the goal?

Some of us   JUMP    to the goal before asking the most productive way to get there. You see?

You are right, unless, of course, you are allowing Whispers to feed off your insecurity. Think about it.

That first move you made, the one without thinking, that was it!! Admit it or not. In that moment, you were in the zone.

Inspirational quotes

The Zone– a zone in which one does not use logic to determine ones fate.

So GO ON WITCHO BAD SELF & be right.

xoxox, zoning

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