Does anyone feel like me…
Feel lost and estranged like me?
Got on a boat with no destination,
Left in a haste with no hesitation.

Do you look back in meditation?
Does your insecurity scream?
Do they tell you to take medication?
Did your heart lose a beat at the sound of their voices on a screen?

Does anyone over think like me?
Jumped on a train to hop on the next you see…
Do you think, feel and fear like me?
Can you shrink to the size of a penny?

Sometimes it hurts.
Yes, it gets worse.
What I know:

We have the choice mentally to change the capacity at which we think. Let’s take a stand in or own minds. Those of us with childlike frames. Still coated in candy colored paint. We can continue decorating. The haters will continue hating. Only because they lacked the supplies to demonstrate their true feelings. Now is a time for healing. Now is a time for singing. A time to break the shackles of the boxes we created. A time to see through limitations. A time to rise as a whole and bring our consciousness toward a collective goal. It is time to believe in magic. We are here to hear. Let us use our ears to the benefit of our growth. Let us use our eyes for collection of memories and let loose of their judging nature. It is time to FEEL. Feel me. Feel the pain beneath the smile I carry. Feel it when you see me. Connect to me. See me for who I truly am and I will truly see you. As I already do. Remember this, I will always love you…

xoxox, one you will remember

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