Quality or Judgment

Quality – the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something
Judgment – an opinion or conclusion

They put this on us. This idea of evolution. A new way to judge the old. A new ranking. Now, we call it “advancement.” When what they advanced in is mind control…

Does it seem impossible to keep up with your ‘evolving’ art? Can you remember when Art came from the heArt?

Your camera loses it value…does that mean your favorite photos do as well? That would only make sense. The same sense we put on old movies. The sense we put on video’s less than 4k. We have advanced… that music video that once got you through the roughest times in your life; now looks like shit in comparison.

Comparison – the quality of being similar or equivalent

What is the similarities between the New and Old? Could it be the meaning? Could it be the blood, sweat and tears from the artists? Could it be the obstacles they faced?

A message does not lose or gain value based upon the way it is presented…

xoxox, exercise your beliefs

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