Role Play

Photo by Farayi Dete – Las Vegas, NV

I had a limiting mindset. I believed that we play ONE role in a person’s life. Now I see that we play many.

I can sit next to you and audition for every role in your movie. There may be one or two that I fit comfortably in.

We all have strengths. We can use those. See them.

I felt myself seeping into a position where I allow your views to shadow mine. I’ve decided to allow my views to shine as bright as yours. We’ve both become the North Star. Bright as can be, what would make our shine lighter? Another confident perspective of Truth and realization.

Ebb and Flow – you show me then I show you; a reflection becomes the reflected

I wondered what that meant. Now I can see it in the conversations I have. I feel it; empowerment.

Give and take. Thank you C. For dropping the little hints that will click when meant. I love you.

xoxox, the watcher

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