Am I Crazy?

I left Vegas to come back; to run back and when I got back…it all started again. What does it take to get my mind straight?

My gut told me not to leave. I was met with confusion and sadness from those in my home town. No one wanted me to go. Some could care less. Other’s wished illness upon my mind.

No one was excited for me to join them in LA; well maybe a few, for their own selfish reasons.

Selfish: how I felt when I was in LA. All I could think of was how I was going to make something of myself.

I do not feel that here; home, Las Vegas. I feel free. I feel in charge of myself. Well…

Truth is, I have a monster. She whispers confusion into my ear.

Maybe going to LA was a curve ball to make me get my shit together. Maybe I missed opportunities there. Maybe I am still learning to create what I truly want. How can I create what I have not decided on yet…?

What would you do in my shoes?

xoxox, need advice

3 thoughts on “Am I Crazy?”

  1. I made one of these to comment. I saw you had returned. My advice, for whatever it is worth, would be: follow your gut after blueprints are made with your heart. As long as you are somewhere where you can be in good standing with yourself, in my opinion, you’re doing it right.

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