Waking Up Lonely

Taken with the help of a ceiling fan – Brianna Florian

Could it have been the yogurt I ate before bed? Was it my dreams? Maybe I astral traveled to someone and their life disappointed me. How about the idea that it was the energy swirling around in the house that I am staying?

Plot twist: it is all of the above. Crazy right? Whatever meaning I come up with is Truth, until proven otherwise.

Once upon time, life was simple. There were no questions to be answered. I lived the “American Dream.” I failed. I cried, deep and hard. I recovered. Now, I am here. In the midst of what One might call a Black Hole…

Anyway, I got out of bed and I choose happy, productive thoughts. Younger Brianna would have dwelled on all these ideas of why I was feeling the way I was. I would have cut each question into a puzzle and hid the pieces around the house.

Not today!! I acknowledged the feeling and moved into a realm of thought in which I knew would motivate me to continue on my path.

xoxox, you are the creator

2 thoughts on “Waking Up Lonely”

  1. Yeah, your plot twist was kool! Your writing writhes from the inside out. I’m there with you, the American dream had become bloated and increasingly hollow; even life had its limits. In death lies transformation; therein lie the myriad possibilities and they seduce without limit! Let us blend the two into something greater than just one idea and it’s opposite, meeting death with the courage that life offers us and create something that we can be proud of with the “time” we are “borrowing”. Yeah-huh we are the Demi-Gods!!

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