A Moment Of Magic

I was a confused mess. My only direction was back home; Vegas from LA. No money. No one to call. I convinced myself I could make it home with 1 gallon in my gas tank and $11 to fill up.

I attempted to “magically” force gas into my tank…ha if only…

I stopped at the gas station. Grabbed the cash and waited as the homeless man walked to my car to ask. 1 dollar was going to make no difference to the fact that I was going to end up stranded.

“Excuse me miss, could you spare some change?”
I grabbed the dollar. I handed it over with my eyes showing pain.
“God Bless You” he said as he walked away.
“10 dollars on 2 please. Thank you.”

Nozzle in car, I allowed the gas to pump, and it never stopped……..my entire tank was full….from 10 dollars…..

I cried the Pacific Ocean. I felt guilty. WTF could I have done to deserve that magic!?

Now, I am paying it forward by sharing with you. The possibilities are endless. Stay humble.

xoxox, #magicisreal

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