Why Did I Post It?

Drawn by Shelby Pollock

It wasn’t for me.
It was for their eyes to see.
To see…me?
A part of me that I don’t want to see.
A part of me that was molded by beliefs.
A part of me that drags the curtain open kicking and screaming.

They don’t see me.
They see what they want to see.
Why do I post selfies?
Haven’t y’all seen enough of me!?
Shit, I am not quite that pretty;
And my messages not all that inspiring.

Excuse me, as I feel the darkness within the choices I’ve made.
The boundaries I’ve used to play cops and robbers.
But a cop is no good without weapons;
And a robber has nothing to lose.

I fell hard.
Almost, departed from thee.
Thee beloved.
The one who can see;
The one who has never taken his eyes off of me.

xoxox, forgetful fairy

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