When It Hurts; Conditional Love

I knew I could never be what you hoped for. I hoped you could accept what I was able to give you. I see now, I will be a story in your mind. Another that bit the dust.

I hoped for more. I hoped for understanding. I hoped you would take your expectations off of my shoulders. You couldn’t and I felt it whenever I was near. I could not be myself. You were full of too much love.

What a terrible thing to say, although the truth stands in that sentence; too much love. I am a different species. I reproduce from challenges. You were never one. Forever open and honest, but you were not always there.

You have left me for your ideal love. I pray, this time around it works out for you. I hopes it turn out being more than what you hoped for. I pray you are blessed with growth.

I pray you keep me in your heart… cause now I am feeling your conditional love. I am feeling regret for not trying to change my ways to give you all you needed. I have pondered if I am problematic, a loser in the game of love. I am feeling this way because I can feel I am slowing losing you.

Know you will always have an unconditional place in my heart.

xoxox, the one that got away

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