Today I experienced a door-to-door canvassing project to bring awareness to DACA. I walked around with PLANevada staff asking registered voters two simple questions:

1. What issues have you been directly affected by?
2. Are you willing and able to volunteer?

I believe most of us are aware of the “immigration issue” and how it is affecting humans who have been peacefully living in the USofA. If not, check out this YouTube video.

There were few doors we came across that are directly affected by DACA. Many were more involved with issues like gun rights, better jobs and health care.

After this, I realized we need more than willing souls walking door-to-door and making telemarketing calls.


We need to open our eyes and see that ourselves and our neighbors are facing challenges that are all similar. We need safe places in each other’s hearts to share our experiences. We need to refuse to allow this fuckery to continue.


To all of you not affected and simply not caring or understanding: consider a future moment when your comfort bubble is busted and you have no one to turn to. You sure will wish you had helped transform the shitty laws earlier.

If we cannot change the laws, we need to build safe communities for those who cannot gain citizenship. This IS possible. We need sponsors to buy land and allow the refugees to live there. Land that will have politically correct language stating the COMMON LAW.

Common Law Short Video Explanation and Common Law Long Video

PS: Please check out the PLANevada Site to volunteer!

xoxox, the times are changing
and they are shaking in their seats

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