Ones have become popular in my life; about a week before I left for LA I began seeing them. I have been seeing 111 more than I see 1111. The difference between the two is the sum.


This is where point of view comes in: I have about 5 ways I can interrupt these ones (to keep it simpleish)

First- 111
Second- 3
Third- 11 11
Fourth- 4
Fifth- Synchronicity

I have found 111 through online research to mean: beginning of a new path in alignment with my soul’s purpose. Leadership and creative thought. As standalone numbers, the first one is Mind, the second is Heart and the third is Spirit; signifying the balance between the Holy Trinity. That makes me feel great! I am humbly telling you that I have had a feeling I was aligning my mind with my heart and I have had guidance in doing so. “The universe does not recognize negative and positive. It only recognizes energy.” Amen to that!!

I have a copy of The Numerology Workbook, which has been a phenomenal read so far! I have read that number 3 is the symbol of all trinities. I picture 3 as the old school weight scale. Mind on the left, heart on the right and spirit in the middle keeping the two together. All the positives and negatives of the 3 resonate with me; Brilliant and Outspoken being the highest.

With 11 11, I first take note that these are twin numbers doubled. I use twin numbers to recognize the person am I with or thinking about when I see these. I like to take notice of our similarities and what we can learn from each other. Remembering who you are relates to this sequence. I could say that fits perfectly with the twin theory.

The Numerology Workbook shares 4 as, down to earth. What I resonate with are the negative aspects, which are high in my life now; stubborn and suspicious. I need to slow down and work hard with less leisure activities. I said this publically last night on an Instagram story. I have much work that needs to be completed and I find myself distracted by events and other’s lives. I try to justify my doings by believing I am ‘networking’. Get this, I do not need to network…I need to DO THE WORK and allow room for those who are meant to vibrate into my life. I have looked into Human Design and I am a Generator. Meaning, I must allow what I need to come to me or I am stepping out of my frequency.

[Seeing these numbers synchronized could symbolize my ignoring of messages. It is awful feeling like I am not listening and what I am doing may not be correct. It makes me want to prove a point; the point that I can control my life and make it what I want from hard work, logic and a sprinkle of magic. Whenever the thought creeps in that I am ignoring higher guidance, I get uncomfortable and begin to throw a mental tantrum. “The more 1s you see, the stronger the path is.” Ok ok, HOLD ON… now that I have read that line, maybe I am on the strongest path!] this paragraph was written before through research.

“Your soul manipulates energy. Thinking is manipulation of energy. As such, a thought is a willful act and it is powerful enough for creation.” The first thought that comes to mind when reading that quote is a recent memory of a new friend asking if I think deeply then saying, “pondering is good…sometimes.” I get it. We do not need thought. It creates a mask to energy. Now, I wonder what is the purpose of thoughts coming about and where they will evolve to.

I have had a parallel universe theory that relates to thought: each desire we visualize and do not take action into creates a world for a separate being to be born into, in order to fulfill that desire. Thoughts?

Earlier today, I connected to a mentor and heard him remind me, “thoughts are made up. Try not to take them so seriously.” I sure do take every word in all seriousness. I am ready to jump back into my playfulness…yet, I feel addicted to gaining knowledge and clarity.

After my research of 1’s, I will use them as a sign that I am doing great and my path is clearing.

xoxox, life coach in the making

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