Find Your Tribe: Soul Family

I have been faced with the idea that I have soul mates that I am undeniably connected to. Guess what, that shit scares the fuck out of me.

For me, this means as soon as I make eye contact with these people, they know it is my annoying voice in their head that never shuts up. Not only am I a chatter box, I can barely pronounce my words, my vocabulary is limited and I am dramatic.

My question is: can our soul connections change, grow or diminish?

Change– when I decide a route is no longer for me, I begin to vibrate on levels of new people. Does that make those people soul connections or simply beings with similar aspirations?

Grow– can my soul family expand as I meet new beings in this lifetime?

Diminish– could connections be cut by the power of will (thought and action)?

As you can see, I am no expert of this subject. If you have ideas, opinions or experiences, PLEASE SHARE!

xoxox, the student

3 thoughts on “Find Your Tribe: Soul Family”

  1. Interesting! I “believe” in soulmates but really have no idea about the rest. I met my husband one night almost 17 years ago and knee the moment I saw him. Very strange how things work. My guess is that the answer is yes to your questions. Yes it can grow and change and diminish. Maybe not diminish completely though. Maybe acts of will can create a disconnect, but not fully

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