Tantric Love: Step 1

Created by The Lady Jessica and found on theladyjessica.com

Let me sit on your lap and do the work…

I am not going to pivot back and forth on your penis. Nooo babe. I would rather sit still and consciously share energy with each other. You know, balancing the chakras type of love.

How about we make it the type of love where we travel to imaginary lands in our minds together. Let’s get so high from Tantric Love that we discover the new age Narnia. But wait…that is Step 2.

Step 1 involves slow, intimate foreplay, synchronized breath and open eyes. Yikes. I am getting butterflies writing this. Considering this type of connection with another being makes me nervous. I am accustomed to attracting men who know nothing of this love (because I do not either).

Time for a shift. I want to sit on your lap and discover all the crevices in your eyes. I want to let my vagina intuitively contract and relax with the flow of energy. I neeeeeddd this.

I will no longer settle for less.

xoxox, new age love making
PS: You can find the lovely artwork from The Lady Jessica, HERE

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