Sexual Politics: Discussion, Art Show & Silent Auction

Talk about WOW factor. This was a fundraising event for Amy Vilela who is running for Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District. The event was held at Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum. I bet you are dying to hear more…

I walked in and instantaneously felt the open atmosphere. I was welcomed by a shining smile from Shannon, who is the director of fundraising. First things first, I needed to pee.

In the bathroom I ran into The Lady Jessica whose Art was featured. Notice, I capitalized the word art because of the beauty that radiated from her work! Intimacy, connection and tantric love oozed within each brush stroke. The conversation with Jessica was conscious. I loved every second. There was no small talk. We immediately dove into the depths of emotional trauma and what measures could be taken to prevent such issues.

We left the bathroom to walk into a warm conversation regarding sexual politics and sexual positivity. You know me…I chimed in with my regard to thoughts and how we can choose which to identify with. A magnificent conversation it was. Following that, we broke into small groups and the confidence grew as each individual felt comfortable to share their thoughts. I had the opportunity to share intimate thoughts with Michael Weiss who is running for Nevada’s Third Congressional District. He is an amazing individual supporting the people. Having a conversation with him was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

We finished our discussion by listening to Amy share her story and what she is fighting for. Did you know: Amy is not accepting money from any large corporations?! She refuses to be swayed by a third party. What a beautiful soul she is. Her gold radiated from within as she shared the deepest obstacles in her life, “no testimony comes without a test,” she says.

*I did not film any of the talk. I wanted to stay present and respect the crowd. I know vibes can get thrown off when a camera is around. I did manage to get a few clips of The Lady Jessica’s art, as shown above. The remarkable flute melody is played for you by Tygel Pinto. Thank you for the invitation, Jake.*

The night was wrapped up with love, deeper understanding and new friends. I would have never imagined myself at a political fundraiser. The thought of adding my energy to what I don’t feel I can change, well, it seemed wasted. That thought hit the grounded running after attending this event!

I am ready to see the real people hiding behind the political masks. We need more open, conscious, healing conversations in our lives. How can we make more?! I suggested we gather in small groups and begin with intimate, nurturing touch that has no sexual intention. Yay or nay & why?

xoxox, your conscious news reporter

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