What If I Lose?

Per request from a dear friend:

Losing love is a feeling when love was never there. I hate to say it but the love was never there because if the love is there you cannot lose it, no matter how rough the times.

Why force yourself into a box created by someone else’s idea of love? It becomes difficult when we add money and third dimensional necessities into love. We throw all of these things into this box they created for us and now it’s cramped…

There is no longer room because the space is being taken up by the couch and the TV that we delicately use because of the overwhelming price. The box of love is filled with the car in the garage that may never be paid off and the house that’s forever indebted in our names.

Love has been cramped by consumption and we may never know what love is. Not until we lose it; until we lose everything… to see that love can be found when nothing else can.

xoxox the silver lining

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