Why Do I Have So Many Doors Open?

Some of y’all are confused as to why I choose many expressions for my creativity. You seem to think I am ‘lost’ or ‘confused’. Ha, I am here to tell you the Truth.

Choosing one career path is like being addicted to sex. Once you have it, you crave it every day. You are unfulfilled without it.

Let’s say you are a photographer; you probably feel like you wasted a day if you did not pick up your camera. Am I right?

Get this… I never waste days. Why? Because I am more than one book…

I enjoy many creative expressions. Each night I empty my cup into the ethers of the dream world. In the morning, I rise and take a look at my shelf:

Book 1: Write for WhoseThoughtAnyway.com
Book 2: Spend time with family or friends
Book 3: Film and edit a video
Book 4: Some form of physical exercise
Book 5: Today I don’t feel like doing anything (Salute to Bruno Mars)
Book 6: Model or take dope photos
Book 7: Dance my ass off, literally
Book 8: Read a good book
Book 9: Stuff my face with greasy food

Ok, okayyyy, I am going to stop there. Do you see the point? I have a multitude of ways to fill up each day. I have no attachment to one way. Some call is crazy. I call it genius.

Cool thing is, I can carry a few books at a time. Mix and match sale at the Book Store! Come one, come all!

xoxox, these are a few of my favorite things

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