Hollow Connections

The interactions that leave you depleted of energy. Where the person(s) speaking make you feel less than yourself. They leave you with questions and internal chaos.

When those people claim to empower, yet will only do so if you take on their mind set. Their way is the only way. They preach an end goal that they have not reached. They speak of mentors who are not “reachable.”

They are separate from Now; living in what could be. They are missing the magic of the moment. They are sucking your energy without knowing. They will say you are blocked from receiving but not willing to hear what you have to present.

They believe in the magic of thinking big, yet they live in the box someone else created. Tell me, how big are they truly thinking?

The goal of human interaction is to consciously fill each other with loving energy. Narnia is within Earth…a new world where conscious creators take care of each other. There is no need to forcefully chase an idea. They come along with the people who have studied the thought.

This world is full of magical beings. The kind that are transparent. The kind that will give an answer to a question, not fluff and looped responses. You know these kind…their approach is genuine and warm.

xoxox, real recognize real

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