The Game

Could you imagine a world where we Play Smart instead of Play Stupid? Do you pay attention to the game people play? Are you a pawn or a player?

It seems we are in a state of stupidity. Those of us with heightened awareness, tend to Play Stupid when we want to manipulate a situation.

Well, let me speak for myself because I have no clear idea of how everyone else plays.

I was a connoisseur in Truth. In fact, the idea of truth drove me insane. It drove me in circles.


“You cannot find truth in the external world? You need to go within. You need to meditate.” – they say

I use external stimuli to spark internal feeling, thought and movement. I Play Smart. I share Smart. Do you?

I see those who enjoy the Dumbing of the masses. They choose to continue the cycle of stupid. Why not wake them up? Create a New World.

xoxox, do it for the team

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