Gender Justice Nevada Brings Awareness to Intersexuality


Intersexuality is a term that is not widely understood, and its meaning is gradually appearing from the dark. A person who is born intersex can have one of many different variations of male and female genitals.

These babies have surgeries performed on them where a doctor and/or the parents decide the sex of the child. From emerging stories, we are learning that this has caused chaos in the lives of these Intersexual beings.

Gender Justice Nevada has been formed to implement and push for new laws in Nevada that stop the doctors from choosing for the children. By doing this, the child can grow and decide for themselves if they wish for surgery and what sex they are more comfortable with.

Blood tests of DNA can show what chromosomes are present in a person. If you are interested in learning more, please visit Intersex Society of North America.

If children have the right to choose their career path, then they shall also be granted the right to choose their gender.


xoxox, a newbie in the Intersex World

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