An Encounter With The Wolf

I was exhausted, it was dark, and I was driving on a long stretch to a hidden valley. I cannot seem to recall the thoughts I was listening to at the time. What I do remember: my need to talk out loud with no one to speak to and then…

The Wolf trotted across the highway and stopped in my lane. It looked into my eyes and stayed there. I was driving 75 mph but that was not stopping The Wolf from transferring the needed message. I let off the gas and felt no need to brake. I knew The Wolf would move just in time and be safe on the other side of the road and that is exactly what happened.

In shock and my usual panicky rollercoaster of a mindset, I decided I would listen to confusion. I may have missed the message … or I may have gotten exactly what I needed.

When I arrived at my destination, I walked in and the first conversation held was this,

“While you girls were gone I found a huge spider by your room! It was a wolf spider, can you believe that!? A huge wolf spider by your room. Good thing I found that spider while you were gone.”

And in a snap, the confusion cleared. It was a wolf, not a coyote. The Wolf stopped in front of my speeding vehicle to see me … to truly see me. Whatever The Wolf saw, I still do not know. If I followed the message, I do not know.

What I do know: that piercing eye contact with a wolf’s body will forevermore be remembered and cherished.

I now have a tattoo of a wolf emerging from the center of a rose. Within the wolf’s fur is a hidden forest. Layer upon layer, I am being revealed.

xoxox, Wolf Warrior

2 thoughts on “An Encounter With The Wolf”

  1. You’re words evoke feeling and a sense of disbelief from reality. Definitely thouht provoking. My only respectful criticism is that you seem to conflate punctuation and your process. It’s almost in a way that seems as if you are letting your words pause and stop for the sake of the reader. This would flow better if you knew where the pauses should be, and honestly better if there were none at all. Let your thoughts move and worry about how it sounds afterwards.

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