Joker – The Short Film

I wrote the screenplay for this short after thinking about the one I let get away…

He played all the cards of his heart and I was too serious to allow his love into my life. That is when he walked away and never looked back.

Originally the stack of cards was meant for the male actor to flip, but, after a few practice runs, I decided I wanted to do the flipping. I knew I could tap into the energy from the man I let get away and I did.

Eye of Horus Ace: signifying my full sight of the man I was beckoning
Flying Ace: signaling that I was ready to flow with the wind of the relationship
Shot Ace: my dying heart after he did not mirror my emotions
Broken Heart Ace: how I felt after playing all the cards of my heart
Joker Ace: my question to him
Goddess Ace: his way of showing he is not ready to accept his feminine energy, but she is there…

I wanted to keep this incredibly short 1) because y’alls attention span is so small… 2) it is a pain in the ass to try to get y’all to watch a video on youtube 3) I wanted to keep it to the point with no room to sever the emotions.

The creators:

David Cuf blessed the film with his track A New Earth. The video cuts were created before I fit the music and it was amazing to see it come together so effortlessly.

Also, a thanks to Yoni Zoldan for starring in this on such short notice and Moonshot AV for the film.

Nik Piazza created the illustration used as the featured image and this film was shot in Badlands Saloon, in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Thank you for watching and drop a comment below with your opinions!

xoxox, your favorite Creative Director

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