The Deformed Duck

by Brianna Florian

I just had to stop and take a picture of this duck when I noticed it had a deformed beak. As usual, I grabbed out my phone and asked the ducks if it was okay that I took a photo to share.

As I began snapping pictures, the deformed duck’s friend decided to pose. Isn’t that extraordinary?

by Brianna Florian

People say animals know, while others say they have no idea. I like to believe that animals do know, and they know everything.

Others say animals have no egos. But, is that possible when being observed by Ego itself?

I mean, this duck literally posed for a picture. If that is not Duck Ego, then what is?

Could the deformed duck have told me no and I choose not to hear it? Could the deformed duck’s friend decided to create a distraction in order to take attention away from the already sad deformed duck’s beak?

Does anyone even care?


xoxox, what the duck

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