Shovel Judgement to the Grave

It baffles my mind when we make a one-tracked assumption about a person based upon their social media accounts. Do y’all understand that we are multi-dimensional beings!? Serious question. If you do not know what I mean, please look that shit up… These social media accounts have turned us into robots. Hi, I am Bri. […]

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from Brianna Florian and edited by A Day In The Life

A Letter Never Sent: To My Father

Hey dad. I have been feeling really low, feeling like running away. I’ve been getting rid of all my stuff while depressed and sad. To be honest, it would be easier for me to get through this if you would be talking to me. Since Thanksgiving, you stopped. Before that, you were answering all my messages […]

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taken by Brianna Florian

They Hear Me

I cried for you in my car. I rapped about our struggles. I told the imaginary crowd how I wish I never left you. But, I left to come right back. Stronger than before. I have the solutions to our problems. If only you’d listen… & you did. You heard the roar. I stopped the […]

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by Brianna Florian

Caught Me Red Minded

He asked me to help move stuff from his apartment above mine into his new place. Sweet guy he is. Of course I agreed. In the moving van he laughed and said “I assumed you were asleep because it was quite.” I wanted to pretend I did not know what he was speaking of. I […]

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Message via Owl

He was the cutest, sitting in the passenger seat of my car loading a bowl for the bong. I told him, “I am going to live in the forest. Come with me.” “You can’t survive in the forest.” “Yes I can, and I will.” “Ok, then go out there and let me know how you […]

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