Lost, confused and suicidal, I turned to one of my closest soul mates for a way out of my distress. Together we went to our first crystal bowl healing – theta healing – drum circle. Yeah, it was LOADED.

At the circle, another close soul mate shared the story of a life time – THE story that brought me back to my love for numbers:

“I was in my car and the meter read 222. I remember that being a sign of faith but it didn’t feel so important and I ignored it. I drove around, my meter went up, and I stopped at the store. When I got back into my car, I turned in on and saw the meter back at 222. Now, I believe.”

Ok, well that story is paraphrased but you get the point, right? The Universe has a magical way of MAKING us pay attention. Although, it is all in due time and best when noticed without over-analyzing mindsets.

222 became a beacon of light. It brought me to the rest of the number sequences. It made me search for meanings and perspectives. A numerology book was quickly opened. I started asking my friends for their birthdays and middle names to create their charts. HA!

I never quite picked a meaning that felt it sat in unison with 222. Instead, I simply enjoy the presence of the idea that it can mean anything I choose to make it mean. Which brings me to a new story about 11:

I like to reduce 11 to 2, which are both my life numbers. I was driving to an observatory in Austin, Minnesota. This location had no address so I was forced to use common sense and a map to get myself and my pessimistic friend there on time. We had to get off a freeway and take the exit 2 miles before the next right turn. When we got off, I saw the mile marker 11 and choose to think “Oh! 11! My favorite number. That is a good sign!”

Well, duh it was a good sign. That sign was telling me where I was so I would know when the turn was coming up. Since I was being a foo-foo, I missed what the sign what ACTUALLY saying and drove past my turn.

Long story coming to an end…. these number signs are great as long as we stay grounded while interacting with them.

xoxox, the grounded numerologist


Ones have become popular in my life; about a week before I left for LA I began seeing them. I have been seeing 111 more than I see 1111. The difference between the two is the sum.


This is where point of view comes in: I have about 5 ways I can interrupt these ones (to keep it simpleish)

First- 111
Second- 3
Third- 11 11
Fourth- 4
Fifth- Synchronicity

I have found 111 through online research to mean: beginning of a new path in alignment with my soul’s purpose. Leadership and creative thought. As standalone numbers, the first one is Mind, the second is Heart and the third is Spirit; signifying the balance between the Holy Trinity. That makes me feel great! I am humbly telling you that I have had a feeling I was aligning my mind with my heart and I have had guidance in doing so. “The universe does not recognize negative and positive. It only recognizes energy.” Amen to that!!

I have a copy of The Numerology Workbook, which has been a phenomenal read so far! I have read that number 3 is the symbol of all trinities. I picture 3 as the old school weight scale. Mind on the left, heart on the right and spirit in the middle keeping the two together. All the positives and negatives of the 3 resonate with me; Brilliant and Outspoken being the highest.

With 11 11, I first take note that these are twin numbers doubled. I use twin numbers to recognize the person am I with or thinking about when I see these. I like to take notice of our similarities and what we can learn from each other. Remembering who you are relates to this sequence. I could say that fits perfectly with the twin theory.

The Numerology Workbook shares 4 as, down to earth. What I resonate with are the negative aspects, which are high in my life now; stubborn and suspicious. I need to slow down and work hard with less leisure activities. I said this publically last night on an Instagram story. I have much work that needs to be completed and I find myself distracted by events and other’s lives. I try to justify my doings by believing I am ‘networking’. Get this, I do not need to network…I need to DO THE WORK and allow room for those who are meant to vibrate into my life. I have looked into Human Design and I am a Generator. Meaning, I must allow what I need to come to me or I am stepping out of my frequency.

[Seeing these numbers synchronized could symbolize my ignoring of messages. It is awful feeling like I am not listening and what I am doing may not be correct. It makes me want to prove a point; the point that I can control my life and make it what I want from hard work, logic and a sprinkle of magic. Whenever the thought creeps in that I am ignoring higher guidance, I get uncomfortable and begin to throw a mental tantrum. “The more 1s you see, the stronger the path is.” Ok ok, HOLD ON… now that I have read that line, maybe I am on the strongest path!] this paragraph was written before through research.

“Your soul manipulates energy. Thinking is manipulation of energy. As such, a thought is a willful act and it is powerful enough for creation.” The first thought that comes to mind when reading that quote is a recent memory of a new friend asking if I think deeply then saying, “pondering is good…sometimes.” I get it. We do not need thought. It creates a mask to energy. Now, I wonder what is the purpose of thoughts coming about and where they will evolve to.

I have had a parallel universe theory that relates to thought: each desire we visualize and do not take action into creates a world for a separate being to be born into, in order to fulfill that desire. Thoughts?

Earlier today, I connected to a mentor and heard him remind me, “thoughts are made up. Try not to take them so seriously.” I sure do take every word in all seriousness. I am ready to jump back into my playfulness…yet, I feel addicted to gaining knowledge and clarity.

After my research of 1’s, I will use them as a sign that I am doing great and my path is clearing.

xoxox, life coach in the making