LITERALLY, Love Your Body, Please

True Statement: when you begin to gain weight and you stop sending loving energy to that part of your body, it gets worse!!!

First of all, this ridiculous self image needs to be let go of. It is a marketing scam to steal your souls and sell you the gym, equipment, more expensive food that is grown the same way, clothes that are just as bad as the food and other unnecessary items of consumption.

On some magical shit: I was laying in bed with my hands covering my boobs (they were smaller at the time) and I said, “I want these to be bigger.” WITH IN A LIGHT YEAR, which is unbelievably fast, these mother fucking boobs grew to meet the surface of my palms.

I was freaked out and I told them to go back down….careful what you ask for!

Anyhow, I have a new practice. I am telling all the pesky parts of my body that I love them. I am also asking them to grow stronger and healthier. Quantum physics baby. Get with it.

xoxox, that crazy Witch

Illustration from Nikki Valencia aka SoulBunni

No Response, No Problems

I have caught myself talking too much and allowing the listener with bad intentions to use what I have said against me.

It happens every time a person focuses their energy on me.

Today, I vow to give shorter answers to allow the listener to respond. Therefore, I am in control of the information I do not say out loud. They cannot use my thoughts against me, or can they………


xoxox, silent warrior in training

Illustration by Danielle Wendlandt

The Game

Could you imagine a world where we Play Smart instead of Play Stupid? Do you pay attention to the game people play? Are you a pawn or a player?

It seems we are in a state of stupidity. Those of us with heightened awareness, tend to Play Stupid when we want to manipulate a situation.

Well, let me speak for myself because I have no clear idea of how everyone else plays.

I was a connoisseur in Truth. In fact, the idea of truth drove me insane. It drove me in circles.


“You cannot find truth in the external world? You need to go within. You need to meditate.” – they say

I use external stimuli to spark internal feeling, thought and movement. I Play Smart. I share Smart. Do you?

I see those who enjoy the Dumbing of the masses. They choose to continue the cycle of stupid. Why not wake them up? Create a New World.

xoxox, do it for the team

Empower Yourself: How to Transmute Lingering Emotions

Do you find yourself going backwards; replaying moments in your head? What are you missing? What are you looking for? Justification. Clarity. Empathy or sympathy. Release. You have no one to talk to… not even your inner voice will listen… what do you do then?!

You REprogram. It is time to take your power back. Send that voice right BACK where it came from!

Hear me out, I know this is not an easy task…but here are the steps

  1. Acknowledgement of the thoughts that were forced upon you
  2. Acceptance for what you are facing
  3. Love where the thoughts came from (and where they are going back to)
  4. Release

The fourth step is where it gets tricky, and this is where positive self talk comes into place. Let me give you more details on my personal example in the introduction video:

I choose to experience sleeping with a new male in my life. I’ll blame it on the hormones, but truly I had aligned with the moment after “praying” for a no-strings-attached sexual encounter. Anyhow, the next morning I was not thrilled with my decision. What I deeply wanted and what I was given were two opposite extremes. My fault for not being clear in my manifestation…

The issue came when the Voice in my head began nagging me for choosing to sleep with him. I heard every problem. Every, “why would you do that? You could have…”

God, it would be refreshing to tell MYSELF a story and hear positive feedback, or even questions!
“How did it feel?”
“What would you have done differently looking back?”
“Is this a moment you would openly share with others?”
“Would you do it again?”

I VOW: to hear a new Voice; a voice that is interested in the psychology and meta-physics of the moment. This voice will never judge an experience as good verses bad. It will simply ask.

xoxox, reprogramming through radical honesty and open expression

The Power of Prayer

She was crying to me; she told me all the issues in her relationship. She told me her family was in a depression and she had to take care of her younger sister. She told me how she had given up her creative craft to be the woman of the house. I cried. She sobbed. I tried to hug her. She was numb to physical nurturing.

I left. I drove to work. I could have filled Lake Mead with the tears I cried. I begged and pleaded to any angels listening to send her love, light and a way she can support herself and her sister. I wiped my eyes. I walked into work.

I saw her the next day. She was glowing. A previous employer called offering the opportunity of a life time. She hugged me and walked away. I cried with gratitude.

I have not seen her since…I have a feeling she choose the road of challenges…

Your prayers are heard; positive or negative. Please be careful of what you wish upon another. We can all use the blessings and less of the hate. Think about it; the more blessings you send. The more you will receive.

xoxox, WIN-WIN

Why Do I Have So Many Doors Open?

Some of y’all are confused as to why I choose many expressions for my creativity. You seem to think I am ‘lost’ or ‘confused’. Ha, I am here to tell you the Truth.

Choosing one career path is like being addicted to sex. Once you have it, you crave it every day. You are unfulfilled without it.

Let’s say you are a photographer; you probably feel like you wasted a day if you did not pick up your camera. Am I right?

Get this… I never waste days. Why? Because I am more than one book…

I enjoy many creative expressions. Each night I empty my cup into the ethers of the dream world. In the morning, I rise and take a look at my shelf:

Book 1: Write for
Book 2: Spend time with family or friends
Book 3: Film and edit a video
Book 4: Some form of physical exercise
Book 5: Today I don’t feel like doing anything (Salute to Bruno Mars)
Book 6: Model or take dope photos
Book 7: Dance my ass off, literally
Book 8: Read a good book
Book 9: Stuff my face with greasy food

Ok, okayyyy, I am going to stop there. Do you see the point? I have a multitude of ways to fill up each day. I have no attachment to one way. Some call is crazy. I call it genius.

Cool thing is, I can carry a few books at a time. Mix and match sale at the Book Store! Come one, come all!

xoxox, these are a few of my favorite things