Empower Yourself: How to Transmute Lingering Emotions

Do you find yourself going backwards; replaying moments in your head? What are you missing? What are you looking for? Justification. Clarity. Empathy or sympathy. Release. You have no one to talk to… not even your inner voice will listen… what do you do then?!

You REprogram. It is time to take your power back. Send that voice right BACK where it came from!

Hear me out, I know this is not an easy task…but here are the steps

  1. Acknowledgement of the thoughts that were forced upon you
  2. Acceptance for what you are facing
  3. Love where the thoughts came from (and where they are going back to)
  4. Release

The fourth step is where it gets tricky, and this is where positive self talk comes into place. Let me give you more details on my personal example in the introduction video:

I choose to experience sleeping with a new male in my life. I’ll blame it on the hormones, but truly I had aligned with the moment after “praying” for a no-strings-attached sexual encounter. Anyhow, the next morning I was not thrilled with my decision. What I deeply wanted and what I was given were two opposite extremes. My fault for not being clear in my manifestation…

The issue came when the Voice in my head began nagging me for choosing to sleep with him. I heard every problem. Every, “why would you do that? You could have…”

God, it would be refreshing to tell MYSELF a story and hear positive feedback, or even questions!
“How did it feel?”
“What would you have done differently looking back?”
“Is this a moment you would openly share with others?”
“Would you do it again?”

I VOW: to hear a new Voice; a voice that is interested in the psychology and meta-physics of the moment. This voice will never judge an experience as good verses bad. It will simply ask.

xoxox, reprogramming through radical honesty and open expression

Tantric Love: Step 1

Created by The Lady Jessica and found on theladyjessica.com

Let me sit on your lap and do the work…

I am not going to pivot back and forth on your penis. Nooo babe. I would rather sit still and consciously share energy with each other. You know, balancing the chakras type of love.

How about we make it the type of love where we travel to imaginary lands in our minds together. Let’s get so high from Tantric Love that we discover the new age Narnia. But wait…that is Step 2.

Step 1 involves slow, intimate foreplay, synchronized breath and open eyes. Yikes. I am getting butterflies writing this. Considering this type of connection with another being makes me nervous. I am accustomed to attracting men who know nothing of this love (because I do not either).

Time for a shift. I want to sit on your lap and discover all the crevices in your eyes. I want to let my vagina intuitively contract and relax with the flow of energy. I neeeeeddd this.

I will no longer settle for less.

xoxox, new age love making
PS: You can find the lovely artwork from The Lady Jessica, HERE

Realizing and Balancing the Feminine and Masculine

For the past year I have asked what it is that makes me run from women and gravitate toward one-track-minded men. I read The Celestine Prophecy and that question was answered…

It all dates back to my childhood. As a young girl, I was attracted to my father’s energy to fulfill what I did not know how to tap into. He left my family when I was four and I was forced to step into that energy to give my young sisters what they also needed. My mother did not like that… in her defense, she has no conscious understanding of how energy exchanges work. Nor does she know we all have the ability to tap into Source Energy, which is feminine and masculine.

I spent most of my adolescent hiding from my mother because she drained me of energy. I can finally grasp the concept of a Phoenix rising from its ashes or a cat having Nine lives.

Long story, short-ish… I still have open, deep wounds that resulted from the energy exchanges with my mother. Which is why I find it so easy to run away from feminine energy. Sometimes I feel it is impossible for me to show other women unconditional love. Honestly, I am not sure that I know what it feels like to be in feminine energy…

On top of that, because I was longing for my father to teach me what masculine energy felt like and he left… I began looking for males to complete my circle.

As I am growing in this Twin Flame Ascension journey, I have lost the idea of needing a man to complete me and I have stepping into Divine Masculine Energy. It feels more comfortable for me. I believe this is why men are easily attracted to me, because I reflect what they already have. I also believe this is why women retract from me; I reflect what they feel around men in a woman’s body…

xoxox, completing my circle

Trust Issues

I can only lay with you one night if I do not trust you. Two nights if I am lonely. Three if I need to feel some type of way.

I have issues and I doubt you have these too. I feel alone because I only trust a select few.

I go where I am comfortable. Swimming in the depths of my wounds. Your manipulation deepens the cut, and I love drowning in my cocoon.

I stay with the ones I think I know, and run from the ones I truly do. I feel the love you have for me


I have trust issues…


xoxox, saving grace

When It Hurts; Conditional Love

I knew I could never be what you hoped for. I hoped you could accept what I was able to give you. I see now, I will be a story in your mind. Another that bit the dust.

I hoped for more. I hoped for understanding. I hoped you would take your expectations off of my shoulders. You couldn’t and I felt it whenever I was near. I could not be myself. You were full of too much love.

What a terrible thing to say, although the truth stands in that sentence; too much love. I am a different species. I reproduce from challenges. You were never one. Forever open and honest, but you were not always there.

You have left me for your ideal love. I pray, this time around it works out for you. I hopes it turn out being more than what you hoped for. I pray you are blessed with growth.

I pray you keep me in your heart… cause now I am feeling your conditional love. I am feeling regret for not trying to change my ways to give you all you needed. I have pondered if I am problematic, a loser in the game of love. I am feeling this way because I can feel I am slowing losing you.

Know you will always have an unconditional place in my heart.

xoxox, the one that got away

The Power of Please

The titles entitles that I know something of this topic…and telling you I do would be a lie.

Here is a challenge to myself. SAY PLEASE! I have a tendency to ‘ask’ without it. I am bossy. Acceptance is the first step, right?

Bringing Please to the table has resulted in a 100% chance of getting what I ask for.

To all who I have forgotten this Golden Rule, Please forgive me.

xoxox, humility