Message via Owl

He was the cutest, sitting in the passenger seat of my car loading a bowl for the bong. I told him, “I am going to live in the forest. Come with me.” “You can’t survive in the forest.” “Yes I can, and I will.” “Ok, then go out there and let me know how you […]

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by Brianna Florian

The Deformed Duck

I just had to stop and take a picture of this duck when I noticed it had a deformed beak. As usual, I grabbed out my phone and asked the ducks if it was okay that I took a photo to share. As I began snapping pictures, the deformed duck’s friend decided to pose. Isn’t […]

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An Encounter With The Wolf

I was exhausted, it was dark, and I was driving on a long stretch to a hidden valley. I cannot seem to recall the thoughts I was listening to at the time. What I do remember: my need to talk out loud with no one to speak to and then… The Wolf trotted across the […]

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