Secur-illusion; When It All Falls Down

You’ve made your safe place a home and it is all you have known.
I have made my safe place a car because it is what I own.
We have a place of peace
And a sheltered war zone
In these places rest every thought we’ve ever put to the test
We think freely, lucidly
With the awareness of illusionary security
We are not grateful
Oblivion floats over our head and under the roofs of these places we sleep
With no regard of what could come to reap what we sow
And, in the blink of an eye, it is all gone

Did we ever stop to realize that security is the largest lie?
With that lie, have we ever begun to look for home in the eyes of another?
A home in the name of Love
A place we can rely on, as long, as we can see past the rituals of monogamy…

When we lost our security, did we pray for the blessings of that day?

We are breathing.
A new chapter has begun.
A test from Earth School
A shamanistic initiation into the realm of free thinking

In faith, you shall thirst, hungry, and need security no longer

xoxox, keep your eye open