The Deformed Duck

I just had to stop and take a picture of this duck when I noticed it had a deformed beak. As usual, I grabbed out my phone and asked the ducks if it was okay that I took a photo to share.

As I began snapping pictures, the deformed duck’s friend decided to pose. Isn’t that extraordinary?

by Brianna Florian

People say animals know, while others say they have no idea. I like to believe that animals do know, and they know everything.

Others say animals have no egos. But, is that possible when being observed by Ego itself?

I mean, this duck literally posed for a picture. If that is not Duck Ego, then what is?

Could the deformed duck have told me no and I choose not to hear it? Could the deformed duck’s friend decided to create a distraction in order to take attention away from the already sad deformed duck’s beak?

Does anyone even care?


xoxox, what the duck

We Have The Power Of Choice

Thoughts are dangerous. Especially when a person chooses thoughts based upon fear, hate and competition.

I lived with those people. The irresponsible.

I faced their shadows and felt their pain. I gained their weight and took their views as my own. I have regrets. Regret deleting my posts. Regret selling my favorite items.

I compared my work and competed. I fell. Landed in the lava and burnt to a crisp.

My high spirit found a new way and a brighter day. I faced those challenges and I learned. I look back in reflection of my choices. I contemplate how I could have lived differently. I am consumed by the past.

I forget to look forward. To be grateful for what I still have and what is to come. I forget magic is real when I become numb to these thoughts.

I pray and I pray. One of these days, I will look back and see no regrets. I want to see the Gold I paint my life with.

Power is in the presence of Now.

xoxox, hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Illustration by Cielo Moreno-Garcia

The Power of Prayer

She was crying to me; she told me all the issues in her relationship. She told me her family was in a depression and she had to take care of her younger sister. She told me how she had given up her creative craft to be the woman of the house. I cried. She sobbed. I tried to hug her. She was numb to physical nurturing.

I left. I drove to work. I could have filled Lake Mead with the tears I cried. I begged and pleaded to any angels listening to send her love, light and a way she can support herself and her sister. I wiped my eyes. I walked into work.

I saw her the next day. She was glowing. A previous employer called offering the opportunity of a life time. She hugged me and walked away. I cried with gratitude.

I have not seen her since…I have a feeling she choose the road of challenges…

Your prayers are heard; positive or negative. Please be careful of what you wish upon another. We can all use the blessings and less of the hate. Think about it; the more blessings you send. The more you will receive.

xoxox, WIN-WIN

#ThisIsOurs Creative Contest

They say the city never sleeps; 
Why do I see the sleep waking?
I am asked what I like the best of this place I call home
I pondered and picked at the good and the bad
I looked up to see all of the sad
Thinking to myself, what is it that keeps us this way?
Why are we depressed?
Why are we mad?
With my head to the ground, thoughts whirl winded my mind
And just in time they cleared for me to hear
“It is the walking”
Always in a rush to go and get somewhere
Darkness ringing in ears 
Telling you of places you outta drive to
Telling you the grass is greener
And the belief is of another side
Climbing a mountain that doesn’t exist 
Caught in the mist of a kiss missed 
You fled from the moment
Afraid to catch feels 
Hup one, hup two put your weight on them heels
Runaway my love
To a far land
La la la la
I’ll sing as you walk away…
They asked me what I love about this place I call home
I tell them I love singing to the tune of their walking shoes 

I was asked by Ours Unlimited to enter their creative contest. The asked for a submission that shows what I enjoy about the Vegas community. I decided to show and tell…

Originally, I was going to put together a video of feet walking with a local artist’s song. When he did not respond, I knew I couldn’t make this video with stock sound from YouTube. I laid in bed and came up with these words; a true description of how I feel about Vegas. I feel for those of you in a rush but I enjoy the breeze you leave to guide my whistles. Crazy how I ended up with shots that matched what I wrote. Lemme tell ya… I didn’t pay any mind to the videos I recorded, nor did I put any extra thinking into the words I wrote. Both were organic seeds that sprouted into this work of Art. Enjoy.

xoxox, the enthusiast

Oops I Did It Again

CAUGHT. He held my heart but ignored the rhythm of the beat…

I saw myself in him. In the way he moved, smiled and the way he felt. We mutually allowed the connection. He made me laugh. His eyes twinkled. I wanted his attention; I got it and there was no begging.

I stayed. I played. I allowed him to erase my name. Why would I do such a thing? Again, I make a common mistake; losing myself. I knew what my plans were that night.

“An experience is what happens when things do not go as planned.” – The Last Lecture

An experience it was. Watching him as if I were seeing through the looking glass. He briefly spoke of his family and his childhood. I know that we have similar pasts; similar traumas. I could feel it in the way he moved and the excitement in his voice.

Photo by Gabby Guthrie

Here, I am left to reflect on the happenings. I could have gotten up and danced with him. I could have let go. In fact, he could be the one my inner child grows with… how do I communicate that? How do I tell him it would be a small amount of time before my wounds were healed and I was ready to go?

“Love, thank you for everything. I am feeling better. I am feeling older. I am ready to move on.”

Snap, crackle, pop goes his heart as I walk away from what he learned to love. I taught him what I needed. I gave him what he wanted. I leveled up as he became comfortable in that lifestyle. Now, good bye, so long, far well, until we meet again in the New World.

…I don’t have the courage to do it. One might call this maturity; the ability to walk away. Another would call it clairvoyance; knowing the sum of an equation. What do I call it…? I have yet to decide.

Stay tuned.

xoxox, the last woman standing

Just Like Me

Hey there cutie, you sure do remind me of myself. The annoying part that I want to strangle. Yet somehow, I feel the calm beneath the breeze. I look in your eyes and I can see the love and affection you need from me. I want to give it to you. I want to aggravate the storm out of you. I want to see your head spin, desperate for thirst quenching. DE JA VU as I write this about you. That is how I confirm the feelings are true. This post here may embarrass you; I believe that is what it is meant to do. You like the silence and I like the screams. We’d make a perfect team. I think of you and look to the right. You think of me and look to the left. Dynamite. I may let you caress my thighs, until I cry. I have grown away from the sounds I make. Now you are here and all I want is to whisper in your ear; how much I hate to love you.

xoxox, a new chapter