Shovel Judgement to the Grave

It baffles my mind when we make a one-tracked assumption about a person based upon their social media accounts.

Do y’all understand that we are multi-dimensional beings!? Serious question. If you do not know what I mean, please look that shit up…

These social media accounts have turned us into robots. Hi, I am Bri. I am a genius and I like cheese. BUT, I am not going to publicly announce my deepest darkest secrets. You know… the ones that make me who I am. Why would I do that? I am not going to put “I enjoy picking my nose and eating my boogers” in my Instagrm bio. No one would talk to me! If I did, do you think anyone would dig deep enough to understand that is a habit I face when I am checked out of reality?

Nope. Probably not.

Let me give you my personal idea of multi-dimensional-ness. You look at my Instagram and see I have a book published, you see I model, you see that I make videos and write blog posts, you see that I am a fucking goof ball, you see that my posts are “unorganized” and what do you think?

One part of the spectrum thinks I am fucking nuts and have no idea who I am (judgment). Another part is intrigued and find me to be mysterious and unpredictable (curiosity). A third part could care less what I am doing (lacking interest). A fourth can FEEL the pain and love I am shifting through. They can see the child in me that was told to sit down and shut up. They can hear my thoughts and they support my ideas (aware and empathic).

What category do you fall under?

For those of you that choose to judge, have you ever stopped to ask me a meaningful question? Have you ever stopped to consider the root of the belief in your head? Have you ever noticed that you are relying on your programs to format your life?

We all have these stupid profiles that are supposed to project who we are. Guess what, mine tells you the fucking TRUTH. I am crazy. I am energetic. I have many personalities. I feel pure excitement, joy, love, disappointment, and confusion.

Some of y’all are mad that I show you the true me. You want me to conform to the boxes some big headed mother fucker created for us. FUCK THAT.

I create my own world.

Know this: I appreciate all of you that do not understand me. Your questions in my head are what fuel my drive. Thank you. Please continue…

xoxox, more than meets the eye

Why Do I Have So Many Doors Open?

Some of y’all are confused as to why I choose many expressions for my creativity. You seem to think I am ‘lost’ or ‘confused’. Ha, I am here to tell you the Truth.

Choosing one career path is like being addicted to sex. Once you have it, you crave it every day. You are unfulfilled without it.

Let’s say you are a photographer; you probably feel like you wasted a day if you did not pick up your camera. Am I right?

Get this… I never waste days. Why? Because I am more than one book…

I enjoy many creative expressions. Each night I empty my cup into the ethers of the dream world. In the morning, I rise and take a look at my shelf:

Book 1: Write for
Book 2: Spend time with family or friends
Book 3: Film and edit a video
Book 4: Some form of physical exercise
Book 5: Today I don’t feel like doing anything (Salute to Bruno Mars)
Book 6: Model or take dope photos
Book 7: Dance my ass off, literally
Book 8: Read a good book
Book 9: Stuff my face with greasy food

Ok, okayyyy, I am going to stop there. Do you see the point? I have a multitude of ways to fill up each day. I have no attachment to one way. Some call is crazy. I call it genius.

Cool thing is, I can carry a few books at a time. Mix and match sale at the Book Store! Come one, come all!

xoxox, these are a few of my favorite things

Role Play

Photo by Farayi Dete – Las Vegas, NV

I had a limiting mindset. I believed that we play ONE role in a person’s life. Now I see that we play many.

I can sit next to you and audition for every role in your movie. There may be one or two that I fit comfortably in.

We all have strengths. We can use those. See them.

I felt myself seeping into a position where I allow your views to shadow mine. I’ve decided to allow my views to shine as bright as yours. We’ve both become the North Star. Bright as can be, what would make our shine lighter? Another confident perspective of Truth and realization.

Ebb and Flow – you show me then I show you; a reflection becomes the reflected

I wondered what that meant. Now I can see it in the conversations I have. I feel it; empowerment.

Give and take. Thank you C. For dropping the little hints that will click when meant. I love you.

xoxox, the watcher