Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss

Let me start this off by saying, my mindset has completely transformed from negative to positive after reading Conscious Dreaming. FYI: this article is to share my personal transformation during the duration of reading this book. I have no intention on teaching you what is inside…

Once upon a time, I would look at the minuscule “issues” of my life with the poor me mindset. I was confused, lost and without hope of a brighter future.


I have always been an active dreamer. According to Robert, active dreaming is:

“A way of being fully of this world while maintaining constant contact with another world, the world-behind-the-world, where the deeper logic and purpose of our lives are to be found.

Active Dreaming is a discipline, as is yoga or archeology or particle physics. This is to say that there are ascending levels of practice. In any field, the key to mastery is always the same: practice, practice, practice.”

From my perspective, active dreaming is Day Dreaming and creating the world in which I want to live. Active dreaming is the way I perceive the external stimuli. These dreams are how I paint my frequency into the Universe. It has always come easy for me. As a child, I loved car rides because I would dose off into my own world. Little did I know… I was creating my future.

Conscious Dreaming, is more focused on spontaneous sleep dreams. The ones I do not control, completely. Dreams that reoccurred like the spiders that would surround me in a log cabin. Robert teaches how to reenter dreams, how to communicate with spirit guides and how to let go of fear in order to completely receive dream messages.

Active dreaming and conscious dreaming are one in the same, depending on how you manage your mind. It also depends on the questions you present to yourself and how you choose to listen to the answers. I believe, as pure innocence, we are more likely to receive spontaneous sleep dreams that show us ideas and visions we may have never brought into imagination from our waking minds.

Do you get what I am saying? I hope you are following along. I will simplify a few of my favorite sections of Conscious Dreaming and leave you to any further research:


Chapter One, Your Own Book of Dreams: I have begun writing and video blogging my dreams. This brought an immense amount of awareness to what was going on while I slept. It happened that I began reading this book when I decided to quit my job to live in my car in Los Angeles. The adventure was peaceful, thrilling, scary and reflective. My journey inward was guided by the words in this book. Writing my dreams was the exciting part of waking up. It was amazing to see the journeys I would embark on while no longer in this human suit I call Brianna.


Chapter Two, First Associations: is where I learned to stop over analyzing my dreams. Robert spoke of first associations with dream symbols. If I saw a Raven, I am asked what I feel about Ravens and how they are represented in my life. This is where I took my power back. I now held the right and responsibility to DECIDE what symbols mean for me in my life. I no longer looked to Google for answers from other dreamers. Yes, that was helpful in the beginning of my processing, but now I make agreements with the Universe regarding what symbols mean to me; in waking and sleeping life.


Chapter Two, Dialogue with Dream Characters: it took me a year after reading this section to begin my practice of speaking in dreams and remembering the dialogues. I believe the blockage was in the way I allowed my inner voice to speak to me. I did not know how to have a conscious conversation; all I knew was how to criticize myself and judge all movement around me. Once I began observing my thoughts, feelings and actions, I was no longer alone. I began to open to what others had to say. I began to hear myself. Now, I can wake up from dreams and recall a conversation I had or insight that was shared with me. I have also become more alert in waking conversations regarding messages and insights.


Chapter Four, Dream Journeys Out of the Body: this section was especially fun to read and apply to my life. I began reading this as I learned of the term ‘astral traveling.’ I was hooked. It seemed too easy to leave my body and explore the world around me. It was easiest when I had nothing on my mind; no tasks to complete, no work to do, no one to call or account for. It was I and my dream awareness. I loved to nap at parks because I was able to leave my body so easily.


Chapter Four, Stable Locales in the Dreamscapes: have you found yourself traveling to the same spot over and over again? I have. I have found that people I have spoken with are afraid of this spot because it is often showing the same message, that is being ignored. That is not the case for me. There are a few dream locales I visit often. There is a beautiful home somewhere on a mountain in the woods where only who I perceive to be my blood family have joined me. It is a special spot where we go to reconnect and share waking life experiences. I have tried taking to my family about this, but they are not currently conscious dreamers.


Chapter Five, Shape Shifting: was likely the most exciting section for me to read. When I started Conscious Dreaming, it was the beginning of year 2017. I was renting the book from the public library and I was only able to renew it three times. That was not nearly enough for the amount of information presented! I have to give it up and take a break. The break was about nine months… rebirth… anyway, while on this break, I had many dreams where I spontaneously shape shifted. One in particular, I will share:

Myself and a close soul connection where in a home mazed with witch craft. The crafter was harmless, in fact, she was testing our skills in a safe environment. I was the leader of the pack, guiding us through tricky spells, shape changing rooms, water and walls that seemed to never end. Once I consciously realized it was a simple test, I decided I was done and brought us to a room where we would ‘escape.’ There was a crack in a window. My first thought was to shape shift into a bird and fly through. I did, but my friend did not. I had to return through the glass, shift again and assure her that it was okay to change form. As I did this, together we left through the glass. It was an amazing feeling to free myself from the tests of others.


Chapter Five, Putting Your Question to the World: “shamanic dreamers recognize that waking life is also a dream, and that the world will speak to us in the manner of a dream if we know how to attend to it. Maybe we need to take dreams more literally and the events of waking life more symbolically.”

In this section, I was reminded of what I already knew: ask then LISTEN. Robert presented a story where an asker sat in front of a God with an offering, asked the question, closed their ears and minds, then reopened in a public setting where the first words they heard would contain the answer. This way of questioning became popular for me as I began to pay more attention to the conversations that happened around me; versus listening to everything in my head. I could practice this habit more, but hey, living in Wonderland is a nice way to escape the responsibility of growing up…


Chapter Six, Dead Ringers: wakey wakey, this section said to me as it shook my perception apart! Let’s talk about Ego Death. You know, the ego in us all that believes we as an individual happen to be the center of the Universe. Dead Ringer is another term for doppelganger, twin flame or soul family. Dead Ringer is when you have a dream of another person or in their body, but cannot quite see who it is. For most, you would believe it is you or someone you have already met. People say, you only see people in your dreams that you know. Which is true until you allow others in. After reading this section, I realized many of my dreams are focused in the subconscious minds of other people. In fact, I have had dreams literally living in another person’s life. It got exciting when my point of view would change from first to third. In first, I would see and feel the choices they would make. In third, I was able to guide myself (them) to make what I believed to be the strongest more exciting ways to go. I even began to sleep into situations that were happening in real time, then wake up from a call from one of the dream characters confirming the story for me.


Chapter Seven, Lost Souls: this was fun and important to learn. There are souls who hang around Earth to fulfill desires, wishes, needs, to seek revenge, to send messages, to guide and to love. We can hear, see and feel them … once the Ego veil has been dropped. I suggest any person interested in this subject, flip to this section first.


Chapter Nine, Reclaiming Lost Energy: feeling drained? Are you ill? Diseased? Depressed? Get to this section quickly. There are many energetic reasons for the dysfunction of the physical body. In fact, I believe any “issue” with the body can be reclaimed by understanding, feeling and realigning energy.


Chapter Nine, Calling Back Lost Soul: now this here is section I am currently putting into practice. I lost many parts of my soul during a relationship I allowed to last much longer than necessary. I lost the pleasure and the fun parts of myself. I am currently calling them back into my life so that we may live happy and healthily together again.


Chapter Nine, Dreams of Fusion: the phenomenon when two individuals have the same dream in real time. This has happened to me many times, but only confirmed to me once. My ex boyfriend and I dreamed of each other the same night. The dream locale was the same, as were the underlying emotions. The way we each perceived the dream was different. Which further confirmed the differences in our points of views and our points of attraction.


Chapter Ten, Getting Through School: I needed to read this one considering a good amount of my dreams are in school settings. In these dreams there is always a teacher missing and there I am with the knowledge but no confidence to lead the students.


Hello readers, I am Brianna Florian. I am here stepping into my purpose as a healing guide in this chaotic world we have created. I am an active dreamer. Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss is only the beginning of my understanding in the purpose I serve here. Stick with me as I improve to continuously give you the greatest and grandest version of myself.



xoxox, The Light Within