P ac ing

A poem for the rats lost in the race

Rat race
at race
Chased by thoughts
Slapped in the face

Jaded from knowledge
Chasing themes
That seems they have more meaning
In the grand scheme

Cream cheese and jalapeños
A go to when I’m low-
er than usual
Grace by God
I nod
So God…

“Show me the way”
Keeps them in a haze
Crazed. Amazed.
What did they say?

Hey. Hey. You fucking up babe.
Higher more interesting experiences,
above babe
Come with us, we’ll show you the way

Dang, I am attached to the maze
The ideas
The thoughts
The feels, I crave

Maybe one day…

xoxox, saving Grace

Secur-illusion; When It All Falls Down

You’ve made your safe place a home and it is all you have known.
I have made my safe place a car because it is what I own.
We have a place of peace
And a sheltered war zone
In these places rest every thought we’ve ever put to the test
We think freely, lucidly
With the awareness of illusionary security
We are not grateful
Oblivion floats over our head and under the roofs of these places we sleep
With no regard of what could come to reap what we sow
And, in the blink of an eye, it is all gone

Did we ever stop to realize that security is the largest lie?
With that lie, have we ever begun to look for home in the eyes of another?
A home in the name of Love
A place we can rely on, as long, as we can see past the rituals of monogamy…

When we lost our security, did we pray for the blessings of that day?

We are breathing.
A new chapter has begun.
A test from Earth School
A shamanistic initiation into the realm of free thinking

In faith, you shall thirst, hungry, and need security no longer

xoxox, keep your eye open

Gender Justice Nevada Brings Awareness to Intersexuality


Intersexuality is a term that is not widely understood, and its meaning is gradually appearing from the dark. A person who is born intersex can have one of many different variations of male and female genitals.

These babies have surgeries performed on them where a doctor and/or the parents decide the sex of the child. From emerging stories, we are learning that this has caused chaos in the lives of these Intersexual beings.

Gender Justice Nevada has been formed to implement and push for new laws in Nevada that stop the doctors from choosing for the children. By doing this, the child can grow and decide for themselves if they wish for surgery and what sex they are more comfortable with.

Blood tests of DNA can show what chromosomes are present in a person. If you are interested in learning more, please visit Intersex Society of North America.

If children have the right to choose their career path, then they shall also be granted the right to choose their gender.


xoxox, a newbie in the Intersex World

Hollow Connections

The interactions that leave you depleted of energy. Where the person(s) speaking make you feel less than yourself. They leave you with questions and internal chaos.

When those people claim to empower, yet will only do so if you take on their mind set. Their way is the only way. They preach an end goal that they have not reached. They speak of mentors who are not “reachable.”

They are separate from Now; living in what could be. They are missing the magic of the moment. They are sucking your energy without knowing. They will say you are blocked from receiving but not willing to hear what you have to present.

They believe in the magic of thinking big, yet they live in the box someone else created. Tell me, how big are they truly thinking?

The goal of human interaction is to consciously fill each other with loving energy. Narnia is within Earth…a new world where conscious creators take care of each other. There is no need to forcefully chase an idea. They come along with the people who have studied the thought.

This world is full of magical beings. The kind that are transparent. The kind that will give an answer to a question, not fluff and looped responses. You know these kind…their approach is genuine and warm.

xoxox, real recognize real

Vegas Tribe’s 5th Anniversary Drum Circle

If you are in Las Vegas dreaming of a conscious community who supports each other, you’ve found Us…

What do you need? What do you desire? What can you give? Answer those key questions, and then make your way to a Vegas Tribe event. All you could ever hope for is found in all the beautiful souls who facilitate and inhibit these gatherings.

We live together, a group of us we call a Tribe
We thrive together, for in this space we cannot hide
We reflect each other, vibrations of Gold and White
We hear the others, with open ears and open minds
-Brianna Florian

Come young ones. Feel the love.
xoxox, Your Guardian Angels


MEDIA from A Day In The Life


#ThisIsOurs Creative Contest

They say the city never sleeps; 
Why do I see the sleep waking?
I am asked what I like the best of this place I call home
I pondered and picked at the good and the bad
I looked up to see all of the sad
Thinking to myself, what is it that keeps us this way?
Why are we depressed?
Why are we mad?
With my head to the ground, thoughts whirl winded my mind
And just in time they cleared for me to hear
“It is the walking”
Always in a rush to go and get somewhere
Darkness ringing in ears 
Telling you of places you outta drive to
Telling you the grass is greener
And the belief is of another side
Climbing a mountain that doesn’t exist 
Caught in the mist of a kiss missed 
You fled from the moment
Afraid to catch feels 
Hup one, hup two put your weight on them heels
Runaway my love
To a far land
La la la la
I’ll sing as you walk away…
They asked me what I love about this place I call home
I tell them I love singing to the tune of their walking shoes 

I was asked by Ours Unlimited to enter their creative contest. The asked for a submission that shows what I enjoy about the Vegas community. I decided to show and tell…

Originally, I was going to put together a video of feet walking with a local artist’s song. When he did not respond, I knew I couldn’t make this video with stock sound from YouTube. I laid in bed and came up with these words; a true description of how I feel about Vegas. I feel for those of you in a rush but I enjoy the breeze you leave to guide my whistles. Crazy how I ended up with shots that matched what I wrote. Lemme tell ya… I didn’t pay any mind to the videos I recorded, nor did I put any extra thinking into the words I wrote. Both were organic seeds that sprouted into this work of Art. Enjoy.

xoxox, the enthusiast