Message via Owl

He was the cutest, sitting in the passenger seat of my car loading a bowl for the bong. I told him, “I am going to live in the forest. Come with me.”

“You can’t survive in the forest.”

“Yes I can, and I will.”

“Ok, then go out there and let me know how you did it.”

“Well, if I go I am not coming back so I will have to send you a message on a bird. What kind of bird shall I send you?”

“Hmmmmm.” – Long pause as he searched his mind for a bird he would remember, “an Owl.”

Goodness, I fell in love. Of course an owl is the perfect messenger. We parted ways and I spent another night at a park loading a bowl for my bong. A little voice told me to get on Google Images and pick the owl to send. Now, hear me out, I truly thought I would have to sit in meditation for hours, transform into an owl and then fly to him…

I came across a picture of a gorgeous white owl and I knew that was the one. It just so happens that his sister was with me during that choice and she agreed.

A week later he and I were together, again loading a bowl for the bong, when I felt the urge to ask, “have you seen an owl yet?”

“Actually, I did.”

“WHAT!? You didn’t tell me. That was it! I sent it. Tell me the story.”

“I got arrested for not giving my ID to a cop at a festival in Cali. When I was let out of custody, a white owl was on a tree branch watching me.”

“That is it! Why are you not excited?”

“I don’t believe it. You will have to send me another one.”

I was excited but frustrated at the same time. How could I send another? I had no idea the first one showed up. My faith stayed and I moved on with my life. Good news, he saw another owl! Bad news, he told me about it through text when I was trying to patch a broken relationship. My ex did not take well to my love for someone else…
“GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED!” after I missed 3 calls.

“You saw an owl!?”

“Yes! It was so cool. There were six of us at the park (smoking) and we decided to pull out a phone to look at a constellation app when a HUGE white owl flew right over us. It had to have been 8 feet long.”

“No shit! Do you believe now?”

“Yes, and it flew over us at 1:11AM.”

My heart, literally my entire heart was filled with joy, faith, and an indescribable love.

When an intention is pure, there is no need for meditation, shape shifting, manipulation, or finesse. We are always given what we ask for when it comes from unconditional love with no expectations.

Maybe you would want to give it a try. This was my first time sending a message from an animal. I began to choose animals with other friends to remind of us each other. It has been a beautiful play ground ever since.

xoxox, animal medicine does heal