Twin Flames: What Are They

Once a wise man in the Psychic Eye shop told one of my ‘twins’ we have more than one twin…

We were baffled! How could it be!? A twin flame is who we are meant to marry and have a family with!

Ha. Haha. We had been drinking the kool-aid.

Twin flames are soul mates. We have many, as we are connected to many people in the world and in other realms.

Sense8, the Netflix Original, is my number one reference leading me to understand this Truth.

It is sort of funny when I get hung up in devastating regret for not ‘being’ in a relationship with one of my twins. I come up with all these ideas to mentally hurt myself. Yes, I am addicted to pain.

It is a weird feeling when I broke free from the pain causers and had no one to fuel my fire…

I began looking for pieces of friends to be annoyed with. Shit, I even get mad at inanimate objects!!

I am working through it and this is a side tangent anyhow.

Twins, yes we are have them and we all have many. I truly believe a Twin is an energy we can easily connect to. I believe the power comes when we are consciously aware of who we are connecting to.

Warning: do not take my word as a reliable source. Take what fits and move on.

To be honest, my Truths change with passing moments, because, I connect to my Twins and hear their Truths. They are all relevant to me.

Weird how this all works.

xoxox, hey fam, your favorite voice is here
PS. The featured photo is painted by Shelby Pollock @ttwentytwooo